An Anonymous Band
Ingenius is a new band with threesoon to be four, musicains in it. Were still looking for a singer but other than that were complete. Included in are band is Jon Mortan, gituar. Mike Wise, lead gituar. And Shawn Seippel, on the drums and are newest edition Nick Anderson on the bass gituar. To hear more about our band click on the link below.
When were not playing music we are usually watching mtv. Mtv used to to be better before they started having all the soaps on dialy. We watch music videos and especialy Beavis and Butthead. Its the best cartoon if you injoy laughing at other peoples expense and like watching things go up in flames.
Extreme Sports
Sports are nice but extreme sports are even better. Some of the extreme sports we do are snowboarding at Mad River Mountain. Me, Nick and Mike skateboard. Jon and I rollerblade and me and Jon play hockey and Mike is plaining on playing next season. Nick just took this season of because of the new rules involved, but plans to be back on the ice next season.
Favourite links

another site about our band

all about this band and a littel more

click hear to see more on the anonymous band ingienus

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